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‘A Real Allegory’: The Virtual Fun of Fictional Art

Lucy Ives, author of Impossible Views of the World, describes the ways in which art can be used in fiction writing to blur the lines of reality.


Jonathan Lethem on the Art of Assembling Short Stories

Jonathan Lethem spoke to Signature about the difference between the west and east coasts, stories and novels, and how he assembled his latest collection.


Love, Death, and Woody: 50 Years of Woody Allen in Film

Illustrator Nathan Gelgud illustrates the half-century of film contributions from Woody Allen.


Silver Screen Silver Linings: What Movies Changed Your Life?

There are two primary reasons why film has maintained its powerful hold over popular culture.


Awesome Fictional Autobiographies in Pop Culture

Timothy J. Colder is the disgruntled little boy in the new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese commercial (video included) revealing what really goes on at your mother's book club. Timothy, shocked to see his mother eating his macaroni and cheese, has a good book for them. It's called "A Mother's Betryal" by Timothy J. Colder. It's an autobiography.