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Close Encounters: 9 Quotes About Extraterrestrial Life

Is anyone out there really listening? If so, please accept this bouquet of quotes about the possibility of alien encounters.


Another Year, Another Maddaddam TV Series Attempt

Also in the news: S.E. Hinton's new attitude, and the personal pain Mary Shelley poured into Frankenstein. It's your Daily Blunt!


Fabulous Wild Men: 9 Observations About Masculinity

No one really knows how January 12th became the holiday known as the “Feast of the Fabulous Wild Men,” or even how one is meant to celebrate it. It’s not a concept that holds up to s


24 Best Books to Gift to the Strong Feminist in Your Life

For the feminist book-lover in your life, consider gifting one of these selections in fields that range from history to graphic novels.


Future Tense: 10 Books on Technology Run Amok

As technology evolves beyond human understanding, we turn to literature for cold comfort and spooky hunches about what's to come.


‘Complicit’ Named Word of the Year by Dictionary.com

Also in our new roundup: David Lynch's meditation-inspired jewelry, and Margaret Atwood's dialogue with Martians. Welcome to the Daily Blunt!