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How Healing Works: The Paradox of Healing

Dr. Wayne Jonas, practicing family physician and professor of medicine, shares an eye-opening experience he had with alternative medicine.


The Top Ten Surprises About Med School, as Told By a Doctor

The process of becoming a doctor is a long journey, with many surprises along the way. Here's an inside look at what med school is really like.


The Sick State of U.S. Healthcare and What You Can Do About It

As healthcare holds center stage in the national dialogue, consider Elisabeth Rosenthal’s take on the sick state of healthcare and how you can survive it.


The Connection Between Humility and Dying Well

Although Sam and his brother-in-law were close, they were very different people – both in how they lived their lives and in how they faced their deaths. Sam, my husband’s father, was a soft-spoken


The Perpetual Now: Living with No New Memory

Michael Lemonick shares the story of Lonni Sue Johnson and the virus that took away her memory – but didn’t strip her of her life.


The Pharmaceutical Industry is, Oddly Enough, a Bit Like Hollywood

No one sets out to make a crummy movie, but most never find an appreciative audience, and industry profits depend on a small number of megahits.