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Lost 007 Script ‘Once Upon A Spy’ Saw Bond Himself Killing M

Today the Daily Blunt also includes hat-tips to Melissa McCarthy and the novel that eventually became "Carol."


Seeing Is Believing: First Photos of Female Ghostbuster Squad in Costume

Today's Daily Blunt also explores some of the spicier 'Grey' quotes and the science of alcoholic blackouts.


The Best and Worst of the 'Saturday Night Live' 40th Special

The 'Saturday Night Live' 40th Anniversary Special had a bit of the best, the worst -- and the longest.


Don't Call It a Weepie: 'St. Vincent' Is So Much More

St. Vincent, starring Bill Murray, may be heart-rending. And tear-jerking. And generous and honest and haunting. And it's no weepie.


Filmmaking Couples: 8 Creative Partnerships On and Off-Screen

Tied to the release of 'Tammy,' we're looking at eight of our favorite couples who make films together.


McCarthy and Bullock in 'The Heat' and 9 Other Awesome Female Partnerships on Film

Much of the buzz around 'The Heat' stems from the fact that the film features two female headliners. So what better time to look at other fabulous duos?