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Read the Classics Through Another’s Point of View with These 5 Memoirs

These five compelling memoirs revisit timeless classics and offer readers a unique perspective on the well-known stories.


The Great Nadar and Other Legendary Portrait Photographers

For stories of larger-than-life portrait photographers, like the one and only Nadar, check out these memoirs and biographies.


Churchill and Orwell Raise a Glass in Heaven: A Short Play on Freedom

Though Churchill and Orwell were never acquainted in their lifetimes, they finally get to know one another over a drink in the afterlife in this short play by Thomas Ricks.


Truth in Tales: 4 Film Director Memoirs We Need

We’re talking about four fascinating directors who should take a turn in the spotlight – and share their own stories on page.


The 18 Best Star Memoirs of All Time

In this post-awards season of little glamour, curl up with one of these 18 star memoirs for a bit of flash.


One Woman's Wars: A Q&A with Photojournalist Lynsey Addario

Signature caught up with photojournalist Lynsey Addario to talk about war, inspiration, and more.