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The Story Behind MGM’s 1962 Flop ‘Escape From East Berlin’

Greg Mitchell, author of The Tunnels, discusses the failed 1962 MGM drama "Escape from East Berlin" and its poorly timed release date.


Animated Adaptation of George Saunders Kids Book Finds Writer

The movie adaptation of George Saunders’s The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip has found its screenwriter.


Natural’s Not in It: Sofia Coppola’s 'Marie Antoinette'

Sofia Coppola gives a postmodern, post-punk, and post-history spin on Antonia Fraser's biography of the famous queen of France.


MGM Re-Enters the Animation World with 'Punk Farm'

Cow sets up her drums, Pig tests the amps, Goat tunes his bass ... punk rock meets barn animals. Can it lose?


Sex, Suspense, and Murder, 'Manufactured On Demand'

Samantha Eggar revisits her sexy 1965 bathtub scene for the very first time.


The Dark Side of the Screen

While celebrating the feel-good success stories that emerge from awards season, we also look at Hollywood's bracing self-awareness of the unspoken paths to power and the falls from grace which have found their way from page and screen.