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Bring It, 2018! 12 Quotes About Remaining Hopeful

New Year, new fears -- but also, the kind of hope that survives long stretches of darkness. The following quotes may strike sparks that light your way.


Empathy Reading: 9 of the Best Novels About Suicide

The tremendous success of the book and Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” has shown us that there’s a hunger for literary explorations of suicide. Perhaps this is because the world grows more compl


7 Must-reads Courtesy of Joan Juliet Buck

Inspired by her gorgeous new memoir, The Price of Illusion, we asked Joan Juliet Buck to share the must-reads from her storied life.


Michael Cunningham Recalls the Bowie Collaboration That Almost Was

An unexpected phone call from David Bowie kicked off a project with Michael Cunningham that would have been wonderful. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Cake Recipes … For Disaster

Why is it that when the high-standing dessert appears onscreen, you know something's about to go down? Welcome to doom cakes!