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Dirty Job: ‘Knight of Cups’ & 12 Movies on the Screenwriting Life

Oscar-nominated writer-director Terrence Malick has applied his otherworldly aesthetic and philosophical rumination to critically acclaimed films such as “Days of Heaven” (1978), “The Thin Red L


Listen to the Only Known Recording of Virginia Woolf's Voice

We're looking to history for something new from Virginia Woolf, Sappho, Roger Ebert, and a hint at the future with Woody Allen


'Blue Jasmine' and 10 Great Literary Allusions in Woody Allen Films

Woody Allen's latest saga, about the nervous break of a once-poised woman of leisure, screams Streetcar Named Desire louder than Marlon Brando can bellow “Stella!'


'Noah' Production Suspended Due to Hurricane Flooding

As we come out of our candy corn comas, we're also intrigued by the most clever costume we saw, the hot water Woody Allen is in, and what's next up for the Muppets.


Writer's Guild Awards for Descendants and Midnight in Paris Indicative of Upcoming Oscars?

Today we also look at the demographics of "The Academy," class issues in "Downton Abbey," and an annual Vanity Fair photographic tradition.