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Late Summer Thrills: The 12 Hottest Thrillers to Read Right Now

These twelve thrillers are perfect for end-of-summer blues. They'll get your blood pumping and your heart racing, keeping you on edge until the last page.


Summons Perks: 10 Jury-starring Books to Read Right Now

Everyone dreads getting summoned for jury duty. This list of courtroom thrillers and true-crime tales will be sure to help the time go by a bit faster.


Parsing the Page Turners: Great Thrillers to Read Right Now

In need of some excitement? Perhaps an adrenaline rush? We compiled a list of great thrillers to help get you there with each turn of a page.


The Brain Defense: A Real-Life Legal Thriller for Science Buffs

In The Brain Defense, Kevin Davis reports on a 1991 murder case that questions the extent to which we can blame our brains for an act of violence.


The Spider and the Fly: Inside the Mind of Serial Killer Kendall Francois

The Spider and the Fly is an eerie mixture of memoir, journalism, mystery, true crime, and bildungsroman stitched together like a Hannibal Lecter skin mask.


‘The Wicked Boy’ and His Mysterious Crime in 1890s London

We sat down with Kate Summerscale, author of The Wicked Boy, to discuss her research into a 13-year-old boy's murder of his mother in Victorian London.