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Storming the Beach at Normandy: Andrew Cunanan’s Miami Murder Tour

We charted a walking tour spanning one end of Miami Beach to the other, retracing the steps of the world’s most infamous serial killer: Andrew Cunanan.


Jennifer Finney Boylan on Writing Her Riveting Thriller, Long Black Veil

Jennifer Finney Boylan joins Lindsay to talk about her novel Long Black Veil. They talk murder, historical figures, and intrigue.


Nordic Noir 101: 11 Best Books to Get to Know the Genre

Nordic noir fiction centers on brutal crimes tinged with shocking violence. Here are ten of the best nordic noir books to read right now.


Late Summer Thrills: The 12 Hottest Thrillers to Read Right Now

These twelve thrillers are perfect for end-of-summer blues. They'll get your blood pumping and your heart racing, keeping you on edge until the last page.


Summons Perks: 10 Jury-starring Books to Read Right Now

Everyone dreads getting summoned for jury duty. This list of courtroom thrillers and true-crime tales will be sure to help the time go by a bit faster.


Parsing the Page Turners: Great Thrillers to Read Right Now

In need of some excitement? Perhaps an adrenaline rush? We compiled a list of great thrillers to help get you there with each turn of a page.