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10 Weird and Wonderful Biographies on the Music of the 1970s

Welcome to the musical world of the 1970s in 10 books: from the era's most beloved stars, to cult musicians, to the power brokers behind the stage.


The Many Shapes of Music in Fiction, from Kunzru to Murakami

Kunzru and Murakami appreciate the power of song and acknowledge that music often exists in a space where certainty is hard to come by.


City Beats: 5 of the Best Books On Music and New York City

From Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad to Hari Kunzru's White Tears, these works of fiction meld the world of music with that of New York City.


Judy Collins on Leonard Cohen and His Musical Evolution

Judy Collins and Leonard Cohen’s relationship was built on a foundation of songwriting – and became so much more. Here is their story, in Judy’s own words.


Fela Kuti and the Power of Music as a Tool for Resistance

As Fela Kuti’s music gained him cult following, his opposition to tyranny intensified and he became an enigma to the junta in Nigeria.


The Inextricable Link Between Blues and the Civil Rights Movement

Renée Rosen, author of Windy City Blues, talks about the connective tissue between music, activism, and the power to heal.