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Untapped Melodies: 7 Must-Make Music Biopics

Music biopics are nothing new and here are seven as-yet-untouched music biopics primed for adaptation.


Dave Holmes on VJing, High-Waisted Jeans, and Heartthrobs

Dave Holmes's memoir Party of One - a series of hit singles and silly sitcoms - reminds us of the solace that lonely young people can take in television.


What You Want: The Ultimate Listener’s Guide to the Rolling Stones

Rich Cohen, author of The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones, lists his in-depth listener's guide to the Rolling Stones, for beginners and superfans alike.


What Does it Mean to Belong? 5 Books on Tribes and Their Members

In Tribe, Sebastian Junger asserts that we all want to belong to a tribe. These five books explore belonging, from tribes of runners to tribes of birders.


This is Why Records Are More Meaningful Than Digital Music

Eric Spitznagel, author of Old Records Never Die, recalls sharing an unforgettable moment with his uncle while listening to a dusty Bessie Smith record.


Money in the Bag: Digging for James Brown’s Legacy (and Cash)

In this comic inspired by James McBride's "Kill 'Em and Leave," Nathan Gelgud illustrates the forever fraught relationship between James Brown and money.