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‘Post-Truth’ Usage Up 2k Percent; Named Word of the Year

We're going to use 'post-truth' in a sentence today! This, misogyny in MacBeth, and more all in today's Daily Blunt.


10 Books to Know and Celebrate Leonard Cohen

Following the loss of Leonard Cohen on November 7, we’ve curated a list of 10 books with which to come to know and further appreciate the poet and musician.


Play It Loud: 5 Electric Guitar Heroes Who Revolutionized Music

Les Paul once played music under the name Rhubarb Red. In 1934, he was working at WJJD in Chicago, and he noticed that some musicians he admired were using a guitar made by a manufacturer he didn’t


Fall Into the Arts: 12 Great Books on Arts and Culture

As autumn officially settles in, crack open one of these 12 books on arts and culture, which we deem some of the best hitting shelves this season.


Why Oscar Wilde May Not Be Eligible for a Posthumous Pardon

In case you think there's nothing for you in today's Daily Blunt, know that we have Oscar Wilde, a socially imperative reading list, Bob Dylan - and Alex P. Keaton. Sally forth.


18th-Century Poet William Blake Alive and Well in Brooklyn, NY

In an effort to revive William Blake's forgotten works, writer/performer Tom Blunt will stage a performance of Blake's epic mythology, The Book of Urizen.