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6 Novels and Memoirs Written by Muslim Women Authors

These six books, novels and memoirs alike, are by Muslim women writers, and provide unique perspectives worth reading, no matter what your background.


From Ta-Nehisi Coates to Nadia Murad: Top 10 Memoirs of 2017

Here are the top 10 memoirs of 2017 – some are overlooked gems, others are bestsellers that may have escaped your attention, and all are well worth a look.


5 Must Reads to Understand the Muslim Experience

More misconceptions than ever abound about Muslims in this day and age. Here’s what to read to better understand the Muslim experience.


Malcolm X’s Letter From Mecca is a Paean to Bridge-Building with Islam

In 1964, Malcolm X took a trip to Mecca that would change his philosophy forever. He returned to the United States determined to walk a more peaceful path.


Rumi Was a Muslim, Too: How to Understand an American Paradox

The Muslim poet Rumi remains as popular as ever in the U.S., though too often American readers skate by his roots. Here's what we can really learn from him.


My Isl@m: A Tech-Savvy Love Letter to Thirteenth-Century Mystic Poet Rumi

In Amir Ahmad Nasr's debut book My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind -- And Doubt Freed My Soul, the three-time Weblog Award finalist and regular contributor to The Guardian offers context for the overwhelming popularity of the Sufi mystic poet Rumi, born in the early thirteenth-century in what is now Afghanistan.