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15 Shocking Thrillers to Read This Summer

These fifteen thrilling books are guaranteed to give you spine-tingling chills that'll combat the dreaded summer heat and keep you on the edge of your seat.


‘Till Death Do Us Part: 9 Books About Family Secrets and Their Aftermath

It's entertaining when it's not happening to you: These nine novels examine the dark side of family life, when secrets long buried are unearthed.


10 Books to Help You Escape and Unwind

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The Secret Reason We Love Thrillers

Catherine Steadman, author of Something in the Water, discusses the reason behind why readers can't get enough of thrillers.


11 Suspenseful Thrillers to Listen to on Audio

Love devouring thrillers, but don't have the time to read them all? These eleven are perfect on audio, from Haylen Beck to Meg Gardiner.


Killer Entertainment: Why Do We Love Reading About Serial Killers?

In the wake of the discovery of the Golden State Killer, author Alan Drew explores our society's love affair with entertainment about serial killers.