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British Painter J.M.W. Turner Was a Frugal Genius (and Cheapskate)

According to Moyle’s biography, British painter J.M.W. Turner was pretty cheap when it came to spending his money, even though he had plenty to spare.


Wolf Speak: A Short Howl-by-Howl Guide Inspired by American Wolf

Nate Blakeslee's American Wolf tells the story of the lives of wolves in Yellowstone Park. Here is a comical, illustrated take on the American Wolf.


No One Is Born Hating: 2 Leaders and the Words We Needed Most

Barack Obama tweeted a quote from Nelson Mandela and it became the most popular tweet of all time. We couldn't help but to illustrate it.


Drowning Witches, Waterboarding, and More From Draw Your Weapons

We're highlighting some of the interconnected ideas and images found in Draw Your Weapons, by Sarah Sentilles, and bringing them to life.


Beyond James Bond: A Sean Connery Illustrated History

On August 25, Sir Sean Connery turns eighty-five years old and we’re celebrating by illustrating his career from James Bond on.


An Illustrated History of Sherlock Holmes

The release of 'Mr. Holmes' inspired us to ask illustrator Nathan Gelgud to help tell the story of cinematic Sherlock Holmes.