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Pumpkin Piety: 9 Quotes About American Puritanism

In the story of our nation's beginnings, the Puritans represent just one small slice of the pie-chart. Why does their influence still loom so large?


Precious As Autumnal Sunshine: 9 Quotes for Leaf Peeping

Quotes to get you in the mood for autumn, as the season of pumpkins, hay bales, mulled wine, and leaf-peeping is officially upon us.


Matryoshka Stories: 12 of the Best Books Within Books

When an author uses a book as a plot device to tell a story within a story, magical things can happen. Here are some of our favorite books within books.


5 Signs Herman Melville Truly Loved Nathaniel Hawthorne

Mark Beauregard, author of The Whale, makes a compelling case for why we've reason to believe Herman Melville truly loved Nathaniel Hawthorne.


Survivors Reflect on This Weekend's 29-Hour Marvel Movie Marathon

Happy Monday! Join the Daily Blunt in ruminating on "The Scarlet Letter" and critiquing the codpieces of "Wolf Hall."


'Easy A' Auteur, Will Gluck, Moony Eyed Over Ben Mezrich's Sex on the Moon

Easy A's Will Gluck is circling Mezrich's spectacularly cinematic true story of a NASA intern who assembles a team to help him steal moon rock and sell it on Ebay.