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9 Books About Botany and the Power of Plants

Learn more about our natural neighbors with these nine captivating nonfiction books about botany and plants around the world.


Life on the Water is Changing in Today’s World

Overfishing and climate change have affected the daily lives of fishermen around the world. We're looking at Badkhen’s book to understand more.


11 Books on Natural Disasters That Rocked the World

These books are just a handful of the powerful literature chronicling the terrible force and human toll of natural disasters.


A Journey to Independence: The 8 Best Books to Understand Kenya

These books and novels, many of which written are by Kenyan authors, should give insight into the remarkable country of Kenya and its complex history.


Think More, Speak Less: 8 Best Books on the Power of Silence

These 8 books offer a better grasp on the world around us through the power of silence. They may well have us thinking more - even as we speak less.


Weekend Rec: Bill McKibben's Captivating Debut, Radio Free Vermont

Bill McKibben's raucous debut novel, Radio Free Vermont, is a perfect weekend read – short and funny. As Vern would say, “Remember: small is kind of nice.”