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The Abyss Gazes Back: 13 Quotes On What Makes A Monster

What's left to fear besides ourselves? Quotes on our relationship with our own monstrousness, which is a slippery one, requiring constant vigilance.


Panels to Escapism: 9 Illuminating Quotes From Comics

We're taking in these nine quotes from comic artists to help slip back into a mindset reminiscent of a simpler, quieter time in life.


Neil Gaiman Appearing in the Simpsons’ Annual ‘Treehouse of Terror’

Neil Gaiman is about to make his best cameo yet, courtesy of 'The Simpsons.' This and more in today's Daily Blunt. Read on!


From Hillary Clinton’s New Memoir: ‘My Skin Crawled’ During Debate

A sneak peek into Hillary Clinton's new book has us all putting ourselves into her shoes - especially during the presidential debates. This and more.


Daniel Craig Announces Return to Bond Franchise Via ‘Late Show’

Straight from the horse's mouth: Daniel Craig will continue on in the James Bond film series! This and more all here in our Daily Blunt.


Have You Seen What TV Has Been Doing to Books Lately?

Hollywood is dipping into the stacks as much as ever these days for source material – and on the television side, they’re doing amazing things with it.