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An After-Dark Visit to Grant’s Tomb, North America’s Largest Mausoleum

Discover what an exclusive after-dark tour through Grant's Memorial is really like, and learn about the history behind the largest tomb in North America.


On Representing 9/11 in Fiction: An Interview with Jonathan Dee

Jonathan Dee joins Signature to discuss writing about 9/11 in fiction and the ties to today's political climate in his novel The Locals.


Great Expeditions: The Top 10 Cities for Literary Travelers

Do you have both wanderlust and a love for literature? These ten breathtaking cities have plenty for book lovers to discover around the world.


The City of Dreams: Kristopher Jansma on Why He Came to New York City

When author Kristopher Jansma was accepted into Columbia University's graduate writing program, he made the big move to NYC, which changed his life forever.


A New York City Survival Guide for Writers

B.G. Firmani, author of the new novel Time’s a Thief, considers the question: Is New York City the right city for writers?


City Beats: 5 of the Best Books On Music and New York City

From Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad to Hari Kunzru's White Tears, these works of fiction meld the world of music with that of New York City.