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Pause on the Sauce: 6 Tips for (Actually) Writing in Bars

Writer Delia Cabe, author of the gorgeous new book Storied Bars of New York, imparts these six tips for actually getting writing done in bars.


A Storyteller Grows in Queens (It’s Tara Clancy!)

Queens-born storyteller Tara Clancy answered a few questions for Signature as her memoir landed. And frankly, her responses leave us adoring her more.


The Nasty, Little-known Turf Wars of Chinatown, NYC

Author Scott D. Seligman walks us through the hidden history of the crime-ridden, gang-infested streets of Chinatown 100 years ago.


Weekend Reading: #Texit, Wimbledon, and The Three Amigos

This weekend, be very wary of #Texit, keep up with Wimbledon, and continue to adore Obama, Trudeau, and Nieto, henceforth known as The Three Amigos.


Last Call at Guinan’s, an Irish Tavern Tucked Away in Upstate NY

This St. Patrick's Day, raise a pint, or pour some out, to Guinan’s, an Irish hearth away from home remembered fondly in Gwendolyn Bounds's memoir.


Good Mourning: A New York Socialite Navigates Route to Six Feet Under

Writer-illustrator interprets Elizabeth Meyer's 'Good Mourning,' a memoir about life-changing work in an upscale New York City home.