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Angelina Jolie Takes On 'Unbroken': Movie Review

Unbroken, the best-selling book about Louis Zamperini by Laura Hillenbrand, was no small undertaking for Angelina Jolie.


Much Anticipated 'Unbroken' Trailer Released by Angelina Jolie

At long last, we have the official 'Unbroken' trailer, from Angelina Jolie's movie adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book.


Required Reading for the Winter Olympics: The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey

As Americans gear up for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, we pause to set aside the politics and focus on the games themselves. To help, we suggest reading The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey, about The Miracle on Ice back in 1980.


Bold Move: Lars Von Trier Recruits Shia LaBeouf for 'Nymphomaniac'

Wrapping up the week's news, uninvited Jean-Claude van Damme, Greg Louganis' much-deserved coverage (finally!), and updates on 'Fat Kid Rules the World.'


On Swimming and Memory: A Conversation with Author-Illustrator Leanne Shapton

A Conversation with Author-Illustrator Leanne Shapton about her new release "Swimming Studies," memory, and making art.


Olympic Track & Field Games Versus “Born to Run”

The Olympic Track and Field games begin tomorrow, August 3rd. Meanwhile, in Mexico’s remote Sierra Madre mountain range, there is a culture of running mind-blowingly antithetical to the endorsements and glitz blazing through London. Christopher McDougall's bestselling 2009 book “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” tells the story of the Tarahumara Indians and annual Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.