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Fabulous Wild Men: 9 Observations About Masculinity

No one really knows how January 12th became the holiday known as the “Feast of the Fabulous Wild Men,” or even how one is meant to celebrate it. It’s not a concept that holds up to s


A Dark, Rainy Night: The 10-Movie Guide to 1940s Film Noir

As we slip into the dreariness of winter, use the early darkness to get caught up on all the film noir you need.


In the Shadow of Welles: An Interview with Xavier Dolan

Xavier Dolan's latest, 'Tom at the Farm,' is bringing the actor/director to the forefront - and opening up all kinds of conversations.


In the News: The Babs Bio We Deserve, Sally Ride’s Birthday, and More

In the news this week, Sally Ride's birthday's reminds us of all her accomplishments and Barbra Streisand's long overdue memoir is finally in the works; plus a new memoir may give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Orson Welles, and a new PBS film explores the lesser-known challenges of Winston Churchill's second term as Prime Minister.


5 Fake Documentaries and the Wellesian Art of Deception

A. Brad Schwartz, author of Broadcast Hysteria, lists 5 fake documentaries that echo Orson Welles's legendary War of the Worlds broadcast.


Billie Holiday’s Little-Known Story Comes Alive in Nathan Gelgud Comic

This Nathan Gelgud comic illustrates the love triangle between Billie Holiday, Orson Welles, and Rita Hayworth.