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Funding for NPR, PBS Rescued By Congress Democrats – For Now

The Trump Administration continues to threaten programs and organizations that do our country good. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Eyes on the Prize: The PBS Series That Gave a Voice to Black America

Jon Else's book True South looks at the groundbreaking PBS documentary 'Eyes on the Prize' and how it offered a vital new look at the Civil Rights movement.


Accessory to History: The Worth of Wardrobe on ‘Downton Abbey’

Mary Chamberlain brings the importance of fashion to the forefront of the ‘Downton Abbey’ conversation.


The Magic of Ricky Jay: PBS Uncovers the Master

“Much of sleight-of-hand is the duplication of natural action when you’re doing something that may be surreptitious.” —Ricky Jay, Deceptive Practice.


Supermodels, Hot Dogs, and George Plimpton: A New Look at the Legend

A career-defining joie de vivre shines through in 'Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself,' a new documentary airing as part of PBS's American Masters series.


Go Fish: PBS, Neil Shubin Present New Theory with 'Your Inner Fish'

We're wildly excited about the start of the three-part series 'Your Inner Fish' on PBS, which invites us along on the adventure of a new discovery.