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Eyes on the Prize: The PBS Series That Gave a Voice to Black America

Jon Else's book True South looks at the groundbreaking PBS documentary 'Eyes on the Prize' and how it offered a vital new look at the Civil Rights movement.


Accessory to History: The Worth of Wardrobe on ‘Downton Abbey’

Mary Chamberlain brings the importance of fashion to the forefront of the ‘Downton Abbey’ conversation.


The Magic of Ricky Jay: PBS Uncovers the Master

“Much of sleight-of-hand is the duplication of natural action when you’re doing something that may be surreptitious.” —Ricky Jay, Deceptive Practice.


Supermodels, Hot Dogs, and George Plimpton: A New Look at the Legend

A career-defining joie de vivre shines through in 'Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself,' a new documentary airing as part of PBS's American Masters series.


Go Fish: PBS, Neil Shubin Present New Theory with 'Your Inner Fish'

We're wildly excited about the start of the three-part series 'Your Inner Fish' on PBS, which invites us along on the adventure of a new discovery.


The Roth I Know: A Q&A with the Director of ‘Philip Roth: Unmasked’

On March 19, Philip Roth, one of America’s greatest living authors, celebrated his eightieth birthday, not very long after announcing his retirement from writing. In commemoration of his birthday, PBS’s American Masters series will present a new documentary in which the novelist candidly and intimately talks about his career and life. Here's what the director of the documentary had to say when we caught up with her.