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Fake ‘The Man In The High Castle’ Radio Station Irks Trump Supporters

Also in today's roundup: a tiresome trend in trailers, and a phantom who's leaving steak sauce bottles in an Ohio public library. It must be time for your Daily Blunt!


The Lasting Brilliance of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Jason Hough, author of The Darwin Elevator, revels in the enduring cultural significance of Philip Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


HBO to Air ‘Wishful Drinking’ Again on New Year’s Day

Also in the news: Cronenberg's "Total Recall," and Dietrich's personal library. It's time for your Daily Blunt!


2016: The Year PKD’s Malleable Realities Became a Political One

Philip K. Dick's fiction feels eerily prescient in a new way, a sort of chart to understanding a world without understanding.


Story’s Source: The Idea Behind ‘Arrival’ Starring Amy Adams

We caught up with Ted Chiang, writer of the story adapted into the exceptional new film 'Arrival.' Here he shares his inspiration for the story and more.


2016 Nobel Prize Winners Included No Women – Again

Gender bias in the Nobel Prize world, 'Dr. Strange' in China, and more. It's Monday so we're up and running with another week and another Blunt.