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Neville Goddard and the Metaphysics of Aspiration

Occult historian Mitch Horowitz delves into the life of Neville, a philosophical figure little known in his time, whose influence looms larger than ever.


The Perfect Gift Book Guide to Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

Spanning cookbooks, journals, novels, and more, these books will make great gifts for everyone you hold dear this holiday season.


15 Quotes About What’s Beneath the Masks We Wear

Our ordinary faces conceal just as many secrets as any Halloween mask. What's with humankind's aversion to being seen for who we really are?


The Athletic Mind: 7 Books That Explore Sports Through Philosophy

Here’s a look at seven books that find the common ground between competitive athletic achievement and a measured, layered analysis of the world around us.


From The Shakers to Oneida: 5 “Utopias” That Missed the Mark, Illustrated

From Ann Lee and The Shakers to the Oneida communities founded by John Humphrey Noyes, these five 'utopian' communities didn't quite make it.


Hell Is Other People: Jean-Paul Sartre vs. Surfing, Illustrated

What would Jean-Paul Sartre have to say to modern-day surfers? Illustrator Nathan Gelgud imagines with some help from Aaron James's Surfing with Sartre.