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From The Shakers to Oneida: 5 “Utopias” That Missed the Mark, Illustrated

From Ann Lee and The Shakers to the Oneida communities founded by John Humphrey Noyes, these five 'utopian' communities didn't quite make it.


Hell Is Other People: Jean-Paul Sartre vs. Surfing, Illustrated

What would Jean-Paul Sartre have to say to modern-day surfers? Illustrator Nathan Gelgud imagines with some help from Aaron James's Surfing with Sartre.


Seize the Day: The Modern Meaning of ‘Carpe Diem’ and the Art of Writing

Philosopher Roman Krznaric shares how 'carpe diem' plays a role in modern life, and how it has motivated him to write often, amidst digital distractions.


13 Books on the Influence of Geography in Our Everyday Lives

Can the contours of the land mold the way we see ourselves and the world around us? Of course, and these geography books offer a fascinating glimpse at how.


These Violent Delights: Parsing Westworld’s Literary References

Literary inspiration and references run rampant throughout Westworld. Here's what you should read to keep up.


The Big Picture: Life, Meaning, and the Universe (Illustrated)

In The Big Picture, Sean Carroll helps explain complex scientific scenarios with pop culture and philosophy, with examples from Captain Kirk to Descartes.