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A Former White House Photographer on Photographing Michelle Obama

Amanda Lucidon served as a White House photographer from 2013 to 2017, during the final term of the Obama administration. She was one of the White House photographers assigned to former First Lady Mic


Filling in the Blind Spot: An Interview with Photographer Teju Cole

Teju Cole, NYT Magazine photography critic and author of Known and Strange Things, joins Signature to discuss his collection of photography, Blind Spot.


The Great Nadar and Other Legendary Portrait Photographers

For stories of larger-than-life portrait photographers, like the one and only Nadar, check out these memoirs and biographies.


Plus ça Change: 20 Years After Diana’s Death, Paparazzi Continue to Stalk

Twenty years after Princess Diana's untimely death, paparazzi continue to stalk the rich and the famous. Author Tom Sancton joins us to help to explain why.


A Pictorial Legacy: Nadar’s Photography in the Age of the Selfie

Adam Begley takes a look at Nadar's legacy as a photographer that was way ahead of his time, exceeding the norms in talent and artistic skill.


On War, Art, How We Got Here and Where We’re to Go

We caught up with Sarah Sentilles, author of the new book Draw Your Weapons, to talk about war, terrorism, the art that grows among it, and more.