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W.H. Auden’s Melancholy, Timeless Poem ‘Funeral Blues,’ Illustrated

On the occasion of W.H. Auden's 110th birthday, we've illustrated one of the poet's most powerful works: "Funeral Blues," or "Stop all the Clocks."


Reading Langston Hughes’s ‘Refugee in America’ in a New Light

Hughes’s poem is about the illusion of ideals like freedom and liberty for black Americans, but it’s just as useful when applied to the events of today.


This Side of Syria: Best Books to Understand the Syrian Experience

In the kickoff to our new series, we've curated essential reading - fiction and nonfiction, by Syrians and non-Syrians, to understand this war-torn country.


The Langston Hughes Poem that Best Captures the Fear of Police Brutality

The Langston Hughes poem “Who but the Lord” was published almost 70 years ago and yet reads like it could have been written today.


Angela Davis as Powerful, Moving as Ever at Women’s March

Angela Davis moves with her words at the Women's March on Washington, the absence of poets at the inauguration means more than meets the eye, and more.


TS Eliot’s ‘The Naming of Cats’: A Poem for Cat Lovers of All Stripes

To honor T.S. Eliot, we turn to his more playful work and illustrate a poem from his 'Book of Practical Cats,' on which the musical Cats is based.