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Two Pinocchio Films Chopped In One Week

Also in today's news roundup: Portland's most hated poet, revisiting kid's books as adults, and much more! It's time for your Daily Blunt.


Big Chicken Puts US Eating Habits Under Microscope

Plus: Netflix enters the comics biz, and Charles Bukowski speaks from beyond the grave, and more in today's news roundup. Welcome to your Daily Blunt!


Poetry of Resistance: Brian Bilston’s ‘Refugees,’ Illustrated and Reversed

Brian Bilston's poem 'Refugees,' which appears in How Lovely the Ruins, purposefully carries an entirely different meaning when read backwards.


Awaken Your Inner Witch with These 12 Witchy Reads for All Hallows Eve

This spellbinding collection of witchy books ranging from poetry to fiction will awaken your inner witch just in time for Halloween.


Poetry Is Dreaming: Mary Oliver’s ‘Five A.M. in the Pinewoods,’ Illustrated

An illustrated look at the beauty of 'Five A.M in the Pinewoods,' a poem by Pulitzer Prize winner Mary Oliver, found in her latest collection, Devotions.


NYC Subway Celebrates 25 Years of ‘Poetry in Motion’

The MTA's 'Poetry in Motion' program is an oft-underappreciated and long-running NYC gem. We're reflecting on this and more in today's Daily Blunt.