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11 Books Where Poetry and Politics Overlap

Here’s a look at 11 collections of poetry that make impressive use of the form and offer readers an increased perspective on the contemporary world.


What I Learned from Spending My 20s Working in the White House

Beck Dorey-Stein, author of the memoir From the Corner of the Oval, divulges the most important lesson she learned while working at the White House.


3 Books to Read on Independence Day if You’re Politically-Minded

If Independence Day has got you thinking more about civil rights than cookouts, we're recommending Upton Sinclair, Rachel Carson, and Stokely Carmichael.


The Intersection of Language, Gender, and American Politics

Considering the rapid political and social change our country is undergoing, words are more powerful, and more weighted, than ever.


Women in the White House: 8 Best Books By (and About) First Ladies

With these books, we can celebrate the First Ladies who made their mark on history through their work in the White House and beyond.


A Conversation with Austin Channing Brown, Author of I'm Still Here

Dianca Potts spoke with Austin Channing Brown, author of I'm Still Here, about her creative process, and why intentionally celebrating Blackness matters.