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A Land of Thieves: 14 Quotes on Treachery and Treason

We've got things like treachery and treason on the mind - as did these remarkable authors from throughout history, from Albert Camus to Anais Nin.


Young Radicals: A Story of Socialism, Suffragists, and Journalism

We're taking a look at Jeremy McCarter’s new book that features five American radicals who fought for their ideals in a time of war and complete chaos.


Calling Out the Norwegians with Author Victor LaValle

Victor LaValle joins Signature to talk about his new book, The Changeling, the terror of the internet, why kids love monsters, and more.


The Crucial Role of Historical Fiction in Times of Political Turmoil

Critically acclaimed novelist Jillian Cantor speaks about why historical fiction is especially important in times of political disaster.


A Nation Unveiled: Best Books to Understand Cuba

As U.S.-Cuba relations continue to thaw – while under threat from the Trump administration – dive into any or all of these books to understand Cuba.


11 Eye-opening Reads to Understand LGBTQ Issues Today

We've got an eye toward literature as we begin to celebrate Gay Pride Month. Here are eleven reads we feel are essential to understand LGBTQ issues today.