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Smart, Nasty Women: Being a Feminist and a Writer in the Trump Era

A new collection of essays by women inspired by the election of Donald Trump addresses feminism, resistance, and revolution - and what it means today.


Not a Nation, Not a State: The Best Books on Puerto Rico and the U.S.

These 9 books explore Puerto Rico's fraught colonial relationship with the United States through the lens of history, fiction, and more.


Masha Gessen on the Lack of Humanity in U.S. Immigration Law

"When countries make people illegal, the world comes apart," writes Masha Gessen. On the problem with immigration status as a value judgment.


Here’s Why Every American Should Read Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates's new collection, We Were Eight Years in Power, is part memoir, part American history. Here's why it's essential to us in the here and now.


A Scarred, Resilient Nation: 10 Best Philippines Books

These books, many written by Filipino and Filipino-American authors, will help readers understand the Philippines and the facets that shape that nation's culture.


The Future Is Female: 7 Books on Female Leaders to Read Now

Amid all the crises happening in 2017, female leaders have really stepped to the forefront. These seven books prove that the future is truly female.