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Beyond Bolivar: 8 of the Best Venezuela Books Available

Venezuela is top of mind these days, but how much do we really know about this nation? Herewith, the best Venezuela books to know it better.


How to Connect With People Whose Opinions Differ From Your Own

Dawna Markova and Angie McArthur, authors of Reconcilable Differences, share tips for connecting with those that see things differently in divisive times.


8 In 10 Adults Still See Libraries as Sources of Credible Info

Libraries will save us all once again! We've got this, fascism, and more on our minds in today's roundup. Behold, your Daily Blunt!


The History of a Movement: 10 Labor Day Books to Read Now

The history of the labor movement in the U.S. was as controversial as it was complex. These ten Labor Day books illuminate the struggles within.


11 Quotes About Game Theory to Understand Our Gambler-in-Chief

Once you stop looking for strategy in the Trump Presidency, you begin to see evidence of roulette wheel behavior. So let's look at game theory, shall we?


The Real Problem with Political Correctness

In this age of the political correctness debate landing on top of the countless other debates in this country, we have to ask: Where do we draw the line?