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On Representing 9/11 in Fiction: An Interview with Jonathan Dee

Jonathan Dee joins Signature to discuss writing about 9/11 in fiction and the ties to today's political climate in his novel The Locals.


Today’s Reason to Re-read Emma Lazarus’s Lady Liberty Poem

Poets are front of mind today as we revisit Emma Lazarus's The New Colossus and take a look back at Anne Carson's 2016 collection, Float. This and more!


Critical Words: Resistance Poetry You Can Use Now (Listen)

Poetry is more crucial than ever. Enjoy a recording of Amit Majmudar reading his poignant and timely poem, The Star-spangled Turban.


Shaka Senghor on Fixing the United States’ Prison System

Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison, and has become a leading voice in criminal justice reform. Here, he identifies the areas where change is necessary.


What We Don’t Know: 5 of the Best FBI Books

It’s become clear to us Americans that there’s so little we actually know about the FBI. Let these books be your guide to the Bureau.


The Broken Ladder: Keith Payne on How Inequality Affects Our Behavior

We interviewed Keith Payne, author of The Broken Ladder, to learn more about how inequality alters our mindsets, and changes the way we behave.