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The Sorry State of How Unaccompanied Kids Are Handled at the Border

In her new book, Tell Me How It Ends, Valeria Luiselli exposes the broken immigration process in place for minors coming into the United States.


Fearing the Fall: A Brief History of American Populism

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are only the latest poles on the populism spectrum, a movement that first took shape in America in the 1890s.


A Guide to the Genius of Impeachment in 10 Books

We've compiled a helpful list of books on the causes and consequences of impeachment to help you understand how our political system is intended to work.


3 Lessons to Learn from Dr. Seuss’s Radical Agenda Now

Dr. Seuss presided over a long-running radical agenda of basic human decency. Here's how it happened - and here's what to take from it.


Nixon’s Presidential Legacy: Is Trump Following Suit?

The timely release of John A. Farrell's Nixon: A Life exposes some uncanny similarities between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.


Chasing the Dragon: 25 of the Best Books on China

Here are 25 books as entryways into China, whose global influence demands that we bust our monolithic views on the country and approach with understanding.