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The Rogue’s Guide to Navigating the Current State of Science in 2017

Here are five free resources for backing up, complementing, and expanding on our access to science in a year that's seen the rise of alternative facts.


Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World

As always, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation.


Why Jane Austen Is Actually So Wrong for the Alt-right

We asked Helena Kelly, author of the forthcoming book, Jane Austen, the Secret Radical, to respond to the alt-right’s alleged adoption of Jane Austen.


Loads of Laughs: All the Best Funny Books You Need Now

Stressful times got you down? To help us all over the hump of these uncertain times, we’ve pulled together a ton of funny books to get the dopamine going.


South of the Mediterranean: The Best Books on Libya

As we continue to bring you the best books to learn about oft-misunderstood nations, we look at the North African nation of Libya.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Civil Wars

David Armitage, author of Civil Wars, unpacks the meaning of "civil war" beyond its dictionary definition, and how it varies by time and place.