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The 5 Best Joe Biden Memes That Have Taken Over the Internet

Is Joe Biden the best Vice President in American history? That´s up for the historians to debate. But, without question, he does have the best memes.


The 10 Best Books for Fans of ‘Stranger Things’ to Read Before Season 2

These 10 novels should be enough to either whet your appetite for season two of “Stranger Things” or give you plenty to do once the final credits roll.


5 Universal Elements That Help to Define ‘Taste’ Now

How is 'taste' defined in 2017? Benjamin Errett, author of Elements of Taste, helps to break down the meaning of taste into five universal categories.


Marvel Announces Black Panther and Lego Movie Mashup

Legos and 'Black Panther'? Indeed! It's coming our way. This, the fate of Disney's 'Jack and the Beanstalk,' and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Julie Klam’s Latest Poses the Question: Why Are We So Starstruck?

In her newly released book, The Stars in Our Eyes, Julie Klam examines our obsessive (and always growing) fascination with celebrities.


How Writing About Music Is as Evolutionary as Music Itself

The nature of music writing over the years is one of constant change and evolution, one that the new anthology Shake It Up: Great American Writing on Rock and Pop from Elvis to Jay-Z seems uniquely a