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A Modern Hero: Zhuang Liehong and His Incredible Fight for Freedom

Lauren Hilgers' Patriot Number One centers around the life of Zhuang Liehong and his family. Here, she discusses why he serves as a hero in today's world.


No Wasted Effort: In Celebration of Protest Culture

Ryan McIlvain, the author of The Radicals, reminds us of the importance of a protest, and how it can be so much more than just an angry mob.


Fhtagn! Revisit Neil Gaiman's Cthulhu Tribute

Also in the news: A protester continues reading aloud outside Trump Tower, and Gene Simmons recalls getting kicked off Fox News. It's your Daily Blunt!


A Literary History of Women’s Rights in the United States

Though we’ve a long way still to go, women’s rights have been evolving positively and steadily for more than a century. Let’s look at the books, shall we?


5 Books on the Power of Protest: From Pussy Riot to the Arab Spring

The work of resistance is never a fixed, quantifiable event. Its impact ripples onward without end, as these books illustrate.


In Wartime: A Reader’s Guide to Ukraine in 5 Books

With the release of Tim Judah's In Wartime, which gives readers a look at what Ukraine once was, we've rounded up the 5 best books on Ukraine and Russia.