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4 Ways to Use Your Voice to Hold People’s Attention

Human behavior expert Vanessa Van Edwards offers up four tips for using your voice well to get and hold people’s attention.


Donald Trump, the MacBeth of Approval Seeking

Faith Salie, author of Approval Junkie, considers the desperate grabs for approval our current president makes on the regular.


Women, ‘Hysteria,’ and Leonora Carrington as Cautionary Tale

Leonora Carrington was a victim of treatment for ‘hysteria’ and her newly reissued memoir can serve as a cautionary tale for all of us, still today.


Your Fears Are Fiction: A Q&A with Isaac Lidsky

We caught up with actor-turned-lawyer-turned-inspiration Isaac Lidsky to talk about how going blind offered him a richer experience of life.


The Biggest Block to Creativity (and How to Get Over It)

Erik Wahl walks us through the challenges to creativity that busyness creates – and how to overcome them in our day-to-day lives.


Girl at the Baggage Claim: 5 Books on the East-West Culture Gap

When you think about yourself, do you picture an avocado? Probably not. But, as Gish Jen writes in her new book The Girl at the Baggage Claim, if you live in the west your self-conception is likely a