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Self-Deprecating Poets Unite! 16 Unfairly Critical Author Quotes

The following are 16 pearls of wisdom, gathered from luminaries who've walked the writer's path before us -- and lived to complain about it.


Beyond Orwell: 11 Illuminating Quotes From the Canon of Dystopia

George Orwell is suddenly, understandably en vogue, but he isn't the only author to spell out increasingly dire (and prescient) futures for mankind.


Getting the Jump on Trump With 10 Richard Nixon Quotes

Should Trump wish to succeed, or climb in the Gallup polls, he can use these quotes as a handy guide for what most Americans aren't looking for in a leader.


Razing the Patriarchy: 10 Timeless Quotes from Simone de Beauvoir

Under Simone de Beauvoir's unflinching analysis, a trap was revealed in everything commonly associated with womanhood.


Apocalypse Now (Please): 16 Quotes in Anticipation of Judgment Day

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, 1895 “One must not let oneself be misled: they say ‘Judge not!’ but they send to Hell everything that stands in their way.” Harper Lee, To


Forsake All Decency: 15 Quotes From William Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’

Exploring the underworld with Blake, we become aware of the realities we may have inadvertently cut ourselves off from experiencing.