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Writers Are Self-Loathing: 50 Writers on Writers, in Fiction

Author Ben Blatt attests that writers are self-loathing, and has the data to prove it. Here are 50 writers on writers, from Stephen King to Edith Wharton.


12 L. Frank Baum Quotes Hinting at the Truth Behind the Fantastical

On the occasion of L. Frank Baum's birthday, we're celebrating the author through some of his most profound thoughts and considerations.


21 Authors on Hope, Literature, and the Unrelenting Power of Language

Twenty-one authors reflect on why literature is such a powerful tool when it comes to hope, what book they turn to when in need of hope, and more.


Spectral Awareness: 8 Quotes From Authors With Autism

Here are a few quotes from authors with autism to underscore the continued struggle for acceptance and understanding of those on the spectrum.


Self-Deprecating Poets Unite! 16 Unfairly Critical Author Quotes

The following are 16 pearls of wisdom, gathered from luminaries who've walked the writer's path before us -- and lived to complain about it.


Beyond Orwell: 11 Illuminating Quotes From the Canon of Dystopia

George Orwell is suddenly, understandably en vogue, but he isn't the only author to spell out increasingly dire (and prescient) futures for mankind.