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Close Encounters: 9 Quotes About Extraterrestrial Life

Is anyone out there really listening? If so, please accept this bouquet of quotes about the possibility of alien encounters.


9 Quotes About Gender From LGBTQ Women

As we mark another International Women's Day, it's important that queer and transgender perspectives on gender and womanhood are part of the conversation.


24 Authors Reflect on This Moment in Women’s History

In honor of Women's History Month, Signature asked 24 authors to reflect on this moment in women's history.


Breaking Silence: 14 Quotes On Healing From Trauma

Overcoming the pain of the past requires constant sources of illumination. Knowing this all too well, the following authors have attempted to provide some.


10 Quotes Illustrating the Power of the Dream Sequence

In the dreams they write, authors project their fantasies -- and their worst fears -- directly into our minds. Here are ten terrific examples.


Exorcise This: 15 Literary Quotes About Possession

Amidst a worldwide resurgence in the practice of exorcism, we turn to literature for insights into the eternal battle between good and evil.