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Swim for Your Life: 9 Quotes About the Primal Allure of Water

For most of the year, rivers, lakes, and oceans serve either a strictly practical purpose, or a metaphorical one — we’d rather die than jump in. Once summer comes, however, you can’t


10 Great Golf Quotes, the Perfect Sport for an Uneasy Nation

As we glide into a month that celebrates the links, we offer you these golf quotes - some literary and some not so much - to capture the sport's pleasures.


13 Quotes Welcoming the Magic (and Heat) of Summer Solstice

The summer solstice has left us lolling along lazily, dreaming of great quotes from some of our favorite authors, in celebration of the season.


Nothing Unnatural: 9 Quotes In Praise of Queer Sex

LGBTQ individuals are often so embroiled in defending their basic rights that it's easy to overlook the simple, human pleasures of queer sex.


You’re On: 11 Quotes Showing the Power of Theater

This week’s annual Tony Awards ceremony has some pretty big shoes to fill: thanks to “Hamilton,” 2016’s enjoyed the highest ratings in 15 years. However, one thing that remain


Here’s to Dashiell Hammett: 9 Cutting Quotes from Crime Fiction

We've got Dashiell Hammett front of mind, as we've just passed the author's birthday. In his honor, we offer these quotes from crime fiction.