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9 Quotes About The Library As A Temple

Despite the profanity they may house, libraries have always been sacred spaces. The following authors want you to understand why.


Invisible Labor: 14 Quotes About Hard Work

Thursday is Bring Your Kids to Work Day. In a world of increasing income disparity, what lessons await them?


The Debt of Nature: 10 Earth Day Quotes

The crusade to preserve our homeworld is more urgent than ever, as illustrated in these brilliant words.


Destiny of the Land: 9 Quotes About the Civil War

The most painful lessons of America's Civil War continue to elude us; here, authors comment on this perpetual blind spot in our nation's consciousness.


Alone Together: 12 Quotes in Praise of Privacy

Is privacy a human right? Leap into the conversation armed with quotes from the following authors.


Savage Whiskers: 12 Quotes About the Lives of Rabbits

Don't be deceived by rabbits' innocent demeanor and fuzzy ears: across the ages, they've remained a potent source of symbolism and literary inspiration.