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Catherine Hardwicke Confirmed for 'The Age of Miracles' Movie Adaptation

Catherine Hardwicke has signed on to direct the film adaptation of Karen Thompson Walker's bestselling debut novel The Age of Miracles.


Love Fest: Filmmakers of Sundance Breakout Romance Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin Fall for YA Love Story

Through to You's achy-breaky synopsis -- a bereaved high school student who discovers a parallel universe inhabited by recently deceased girlfriend -- is just the kind of material that promises to make the more sensitive sectors of the moviegoing public swoon.


An Underdog in Big Bad Wolf's Clothing

It appears that something about the Red Riding Hood formula doesn't seem to inspire much confidence in studio execs. So what's her secret?


Snow White v. Snow White in 2012: Bedtime Stories Become Fodder for Nightmares

Hollywood is clearly in the throes of a fairy-tale fetish.