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5 Tips for Writing Family Into Fiction Without Burning Bridges

Francesca Hornak, author of Seven Days of Us, shares five tips for writing your family into a novel without ruining your relationship with them.


How to Read James McBride: A Guide to the Author’s Canon

James McBride has come to settle in as one of America’s great contemporary writers. Here’s a look through his canon and how to approach it.


Finding a Place in the World: 12 Coming-of-Age Novels to Read Now

Growing up is one of the most difficult things to do. These twelve novels capture the coming-of-age experience set against our imperfect world.


9 Reasons to Take a Road Trip with Your Best Friend

Jessica Brockmole's new novel explores the freedom of hitting the road, and here, she shares nine reasons to take a road trip with your best friend.


A Conversation with Jenny Zhang, First Author in Lena Dunham’s Book Imprint

We got the chance to speak with Jenny Zhang about her debut short story collection, Sour Heart, which was the first book to be published by Lenny books.


Cathartic It’s Not: Revisiting a Cult Childhood Through Writing

Rebecca Stott opens up about the difficult process of revisiting her cult childhood through writing her memoir, In the Days of Rain.