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The Story Cure: How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy

Nonfiction author Dinty Moore shares some tips and tricks on how to look through a draft and make important revisions painlessly.


Josh Barkan on the 3 Elements Your Mediocre Short Story is Missing

Josh Barkan, author of Mexico, reveals the three elements you should incorporate into your short story to bring it from mediocre to great.


A Writer’s Guide to Hacking the Reader’s Brain (in 5 Steps)

Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius, discusses 5 essential writing tips every author should know before they rest their hands on the keyboard.


Tending Garden: How to Get Comfortable with Editing

Debut novelist Elizabeth J. Church gives hard-to-take advice for debut novelists on doing the thing they all hate most, but that is so necessary: editing.


How Rereading The Great Gatsby Will Turn You Into a Superfan

Roy Peter Clark, author of The Art of X-Ray Reading, shows us how "x-ray reading" can help us better appreciate a classic like The Great Gatsby.


Classroom Magic: 25 Years of Conversations with America’s Poets

Back-to-school channeling of Pearl London, the teacher who inspired Poetry in Person: Twenty-Five Years of Conversation with America's Poets, edited by Alexander Neubauer.