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Fret No More: Here’s What to Do When You Finish a First Draft

Most writers know the feeling of excitement that comes with finishing a first draft. But what comes after? Sandra Scofield shares her advice on the matter.


Why Books on the Craft of Writing Are Worth a Read

No matter the level of writer, there’s always room to grow. Books on writing expose new approaches to the craft to learn, and new perspectives to study.


The Story Cure: How to Revise a Draft Without Going Crazy

Nonfiction author Dinty Moore shares some tips and tricks on how to look through a draft and make important revisions painlessly.


Josh Barkan on the 3 Elements Your Mediocre Short Story is Missing

Josh Barkan, author of Mexico, reveals the three elements you should incorporate into your short story to bring it from mediocre to great.


A Writer’s Guide to Hacking the Reader’s Brain (in 5 Steps)

Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius, discusses 5 essential writing tips every author should know before they rest their hands on the keyboard.


Tending Garden: How to Get Comfortable with Editing

Debut novelist Elizabeth J. Church gives hard-to-take advice for debut novelists on doing the thing they all hate most, but that is so necessary: editing.