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Of Espionage, Allied, and Hitchcock: A Q&A with Steven Knight

Signature caught up with Oscar-nominated writer Steven Knight, whose new movie, 'Allied,' reveals a little-known story of World War II.


Did Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ Film Violate Federal Law?

Also in your Daily Blunt: Robert Zemeckis promises to haunt anyone who remakes "Back to the Future," and Writer Unboxed discovers the biggest problem with emphasizing female protagonists.


Talk 'The Walk': A Q&A with Robert Zemeckis and Co.

With ‘The Walk’ about to land in theaters, we caught up with Robert Zemeckis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and others.


Killer Joke: 7 Crime Comedies That Get Away with Murder

Feeling tapped out after all the dark, murdery thrillers out there? Take a walk on the lighter side with these seven films.


They're Just Drawn That Way: 5 Cartoonish Moments from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

We're looking at cartoonish moments from Robert Zemeckis's 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit,' based on Gary K. Wolf's novel, 'Who Censored Roger Rabbit.'


Compare Your Top Films of 2012 With Roger Ebert's

Roger Ebert's end-of-the-year list comes out, a timely occasion to revisit 2011's 'New Years Eve,' a motion-capture animated remake of 'Yellow Submarine' wavers, and Sacha Baron Cohen recalls auditioning for 'Les Miserables' fresh out of college.