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19 Newly Translated Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer

These 19 translated works will quench your curiosity about subjects ranging from Cuban Science Fiction to nineteenth-century Malagasy adventure stories.


Beyond Tolstoy and Nabokov: The Best Books on Russia Today

Rather than exploring the known classics of Russian literature, we're exploring contemporary fiction and nonfiction to understand Russia's current state.


9 Works of Contemporary Post-Soviet Fiction and Nonfiction

A look at nine books by authors with ties to Russia that explore its complex sociopolitical landscape and showcase the effect of history on everyday life.


The Russian Revolution: Exploring Our Perennial Fascination

Americans watched the rise and fall of Russian communism from a distance. With our nations now more entwined than ever, we still can't tear our eyes away.


That Time Kissinger Kept Project Azorian from Killing U.S.-Russia Relations

Josh Dean, author of The Taking of K-129, discusses the long-term effects that covert operation Project Azorian had on U.S.-Russia relations.


Espionage 101: How to Read John le Carré

John le Carré has been thrilling readers for more than half a century. Overwhelmed by where to start with his canon? Read on.