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Svetlana Alexievich Gives a Voice to the Women Who Served in WWII

In her latest history book, Svetlana Alexievich gives a voice to silenced Russian women who fought alongside men in World War II and shares their stories.


Can’t Get Enough of ‘The Americans’: Books for Further Reading

If you’re all caught up with Philip and Elizabeth and need more, pick up one of these five books to delve deeper into what ‘The Americans’ is all about.


Why the Cold War Makes for a Good Book, Explained

Attorney and former state prosecutor Walt Gragg shares how the Cold War impacted his life in the past and present, and why it inspired him to write a book.


Hail to the Thief: The Case Against Edward Snowden

Edward J. Epstein, author of How America Lost Its Secrets, covers the many clues pointing to Edward Snowden's suspicious ties with Russia.


Modernity’s Main Man: Is Anton Chekhov Still Relevant?

As Lisa Rosman pondered the relevance of Anton Chekhov, she tapped the opinions of a few well-read and ponderous minds to answer the question.


Roaming Russia's Heartland to Better Understand Putin Country

Anne Garrels, author of Putin Country, discusses our deep misunderstanding of Russia, the Obama Administration’s missteps, and what the future may hold.