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The Russian Revolution: Exploring Our Perennial Fascination

Americans watched the rise and fall of Russian communism from a distance. With our nations now more entwined than ever, we still can't tear our eyes away.


That Time Kissinger Kept Project Azorian from Killing U.S.-Russia Relations

Josh Dean, author of The Taking of K-129, discusses the long-term effects that covert operation Project Azorian had on U.S.-Russia relations.


Espionage 101: How to Read John le Carré

John le Carré has been thrilling readers for more than half a century. Overwhelmed by where to start with his canon? Read on.


11 Quotes About Game Theory to Understand Our Gambler-in-Chief

Once you stop looking for strategy in the Trump Presidency, you begin to see evidence of roulette wheel behavior. So let's look at game theory, shall we?


Svetlana Alexievich Gives a Voice to the Women Who Served in WWII

In her latest history book, Svetlana Alexievich gives a voice to silenced Russian women who fought alongside men in World War II and shares their stories.


Can’t Get Enough of ‘The Americans’: Books for Further Reading

If you’re all caught up with Philip and Elizabeth and need more, pick up one of these five books to delve deeper into what ‘The Americans’ is all about.