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Still Dreaming: A Guide to the Essential Philip K. Dick Books

The work of Philip K. Dick extends well beyond the world of Blade Runner. Here’s our guide to the essential Philip K. Dick books to put on your list.


Winter’s Next Dozen: The Best Post-Game of Thrones Books for Fans

With HBO’s 'GoT' bringing its penultimate season to a close, here are twelve post-Game of Thrones books for fans of the series.


Survey: 1 in 5 British People Can’t Name a Single Literary Author

Apparently the prevalence of literature still has room to grow. We've got this, a look at female wins at the Hugo Awards, and more in today's Daily Blunt.


International Upset: 11 Dystopian Novels from Around the World

In today's world, plenty of people have dystopia on the brain, so it's a perfect time to take a look at 11 dystopian novels from writers across the globe.


Language Wars: 10 Novels Where Words Change the World

Language so often works for us – but occasionally, it can be used to cause mayhem and destruction, as in these ten extraordinary novels.


What to Read When ‘American Gods’ Is Over

Bummed that season one of ‘American Gods’ has come to a close? Quit your fretting and check out one of these great reads to fill the gap it’s left.