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Weekend Rec: Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time

Whether you’re reading it for the first time or revisiting the bestselling classic, A Brief History of Time is an ideal way to spend your weekend.


9 Books About Botany and the Power of Plants

Learn more about our natural neighbors with these nine captivating nonfiction books about botany and plants around the world.


9 Books That Bridge the Gap Between Faith and Science

The nine books listed here offer a host of perspectives on the places where faith, logic, science, and religion all converge.


How We Got Here: 9 Books on the Science of Culture

These books will allow you to take a deep dive into our past, our present, and our potential future to learn more about how our culture developed.


The Bookbinder’s Apprentice: Michael Faraday and Electromagnetism

Alanna Mitchell, author of The Spinning Magnet, explains the history of electromagnetism, and the mastermind behind the discovery of the phenomenon.


9 Books to Improve Your Health This New Year

Backed by groundbreaking research and the latest science, these books will help you to understand your body, your mind, and your health this new year.