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The Best Books of June 2017: From Arundhati Roy to Eddie Izzard

These are the best books hitting shelves in June 2017, from Eddie Izzard's memoir to a new novel by Arundhati Roy.


What Science Can Teach Us About Love (and Vice Versa)

Weike Wang, author of the novel Chemistry, taps science to shed some light on heartbreak – and addresses what scientists can stand to learn from love.


What Do Organisms, Crowded Cities, and Corporations Have in Common?

What do you, your town, and your employer all have in common? Scalability. According to physicist Geoffrey West, there are mathematical principles that govern the growth and longevity of complex organ


Human Behavior: It’s Just Biology After All, People

Signature caught up with Stanford biology and neurology professor Robert M. Sapolsky to talk oxytocin, relationships, and all things human behavior.


The Songs of Trees: On the Beauty, Wonder, and Balance of Nature

David George Haskell, author of The Songs of Trees, talks rainforests, coal power, and how we're all neighbors in the ecological community.


Marcus du Sautoy on His Dream for an Integrated Education System

Author and Professor Marcus du Sautoy shares his views on what's wrong with our education system, and imagines the benefits to a more holistic approach.