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Weekend Rec: I Am Here Now by The Mindfulness Project

This weekend, we're focusing on self-care and meditation while reading I Am Here Now, by the Mindfulness Project. Be sure to grab a copy and get reading!


15 Best Books to Guide You on the Road to Self-Care

Why not make a vow to yourself to heighten your self-care with the new year? These 15 books will help you to move in a positive direction.


Great Things Take Time: On Failure and the Creative Process

Artist and author Adam J. Kurtz knows what it's like to feel defeated creatively. His latest book explores how to deal with failure in a constructive way.


4 Self-Help Books That Would Make Great Movies

Tis the season for self-help. While we’re all for the pursuit of betterment, we’re looking at self-help books through a different lens.


The Best Interest: 20 Career-Boosting Books for the New Year

If you're thinking at all about resolutions for the new year, remember Benjamin Franklin's wise words: 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.'


How to Write a Book in 12 Weeks

Want to write a book? Taking on a big project is made more manageable with the 12-week theory. Natalie MacNeil explains.