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The Spider and the Fly: Inside the Mind of Serial Killer Kendall Francois

The Spider and the Fly is an eerie mixture of memoir, journalism, mystery, true crime, and bildungsroman stitched together like a Hannibal Lecter skin mask.


A Serial Killer, Up Close: Martha Elliott’s The Man in the Monster

Martha Elliott spoke with Signature recently about her years interviewing a convicted serial killer, and how the experience informed her views on the the criminal mind and the death penalty in America.


The Murders of Jesse Pomeroy and Curious Interest of Herman Melville

Roseanne Montillo, author of The Wilderness of Ruin, shares the story of Jesse Pomeroy, America's youngest serial killer, and Melville's cause to understand him.


Life After Death in ‘Lost Girls’: On the Victims of the Long Island Serial Killer

For almost twenty years someone has been dumping the bodies of murdered prostitutes along Suffolk County, NY’s Ocean Parkway. Very little is known about the person who killed these women, and while Robert Kolker explores the mysterious leads, he also sheds light on the lives of the forgotten victims.


Leo Developing "Devil," to Play H.H. Holmes

Heartthrob with acting chops Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to bring thrilling nonficition with literary chops, The Devil in the White City to the big screen.


Dexter is Delicious. Season 5 on Showtime!

America’s most-read, most-watched, and beloved serial killer, Dexter Morgan, is back on the shelves and on Showtime.