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The Unspoken Matters: The Actor’s Role in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

An excerpt from Nicholas Hytner's book, Balancing Acts, that discusses the importance of the actor's interpretation in Shakespeare's "Hamlet."


Matryoshka Stories: 12 of the Best Books Within Books

When an author uses a book as a plot device to tell a story within a story, magical things can happen. Here are some of our favorite books within books.


Retelling Shakespeare: Tracy Chevalier on Moving Othello to 1970s D.C.

Tracy Chevalier discusses her contribution to the Hogarth Shakespeare series: New Boy, her retelling of Othello, which she set in a 1970s DC schoolyard.


What’s So Complex About Shakespeare’s Immortal Rosalind?

She’s boy and girl, threatened by death but never dying, a heroine-hero who pushes bounds of her play and lives on long after it’s over.


Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

If all the world's a stage, why not cast yourself in a Shakespeare play? Spin our roulette of 26 Shakespeare characters to find your role of a lifetime.


Orwell, Hamlet, and What it Means to be Human

Kurt Gray, co-author of The Mind Club, describes how the act of feeling (despite our endless fascination with reason) remains the true essence of humanity.