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Alexander McCall Smith on His Latest Short Story Collection

We got the chance to speak to Alexander McCall Smith about Chance Developments - a splendid short story collection inspired by antique photographs. 


The Essential Elements of a Successful Short Story

Short story writer and editor of the O. Henry Prize Stories Laura Furman shares the must-have elements in any successful short story.


What Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Knew About Storytelling

Forrest Leo, author of The Gentleman, proves that when all is said and done, the greatest storyteller who ever lived must be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


A Conversation with Jenny Zhang, First Author in Lena Dunham’s Book Imprint

We got the chance to speak with Jenny Zhang about her debut short story collection, Sour Heart, which was the first book to be published by Lenny books.


Short Stories: They’re Just Like Life

Award-winning author Siobhan Fallon talks about writing short stories, and why they're so important. Read on for writerly inspiration.


Josh Barkan on the 3 Elements Your Mediocre Short Story is Missing

Josh Barkan, author of Mexico, reveals the three elements you should incorporate into your short story to bring it from mediocre to great.