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A 7-Book Literary Guide to Cinema and Hollywood

Dip into the back catalog of cinema with these seven books and educate yourself on how the world of film has changed over the decades.


Quiet on the Set! 5 Silent Films Ready for a Remake

The silent film era created some of the most compelling and visually arresting films in history, here are a few we think are due for a remake.


The Predator to Appear as Playable Mortal Kombat Character

The Predator makes its return, this time to the gaming world, and more in our Monday Daily Blunt.


RIP 'True Blood': HBO Announces the End Is Nigh

As True Blood begins its good-bye, say hello (again) to Anne of Green Gables, silent films for autumn nights, and an in-depth look at 'Clue.'


Film and Theater Collide in the Live Silent Film, ‘The Man Who Laughs’

'Les Miserables' isn't the only Victor Hugo adaptation having a moment. Urban Stages Theater production of "The Man Who Laughs" is getting a lot of praise.


The Jack Kerouac Adaptation Watch: 'On the Road' Releases Movie Photos, Poster

Also, where are the female contribs to your favorite literary periodicals? Will silent films find new life? And more...