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Think More, Speak Less: 8 Best Books on the Power of Silence

These 8 books offer a better grasp on the world around us through the power of silence. They may well have us thinking more - even as we speak less.


The Cultural Significance of “Awesome” and “Cool” in Today’s World

What does it mean to be “cool” these days? Nick Riggle, author of On Being Awesome, takes a look at awesomeness and coolness and how it's defined today.


6 Books That Explain Culture Through the Ages to 2017

These six books explore various facets of culture through past TV shows and film, and reflect the cultural questions that society grapples with.


International Upset: 11 Dystopian Novels from Around the World

In today's world, plenty of people have dystopia on the brain, so it's a perfect time to take a look at 11 dystopian novels from writers across the globe.


What Now: 8 Books to Understand Death

Casey Jarman, editor behind the new book Death: An Oral History, shared eight books that are musts to fully understand death.


Singles as the Scourge of Society: A Review of ‘The Lobster’

“The Lobster,” Yorgos Lanthimos’s first English-language feature, is a typically absurdist effort for the Greek director. About an alternative world in which single people are transformed into a