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Immigrants Write: The Best Books to Understand Our World

As always, books are key to fostering knowledge in uncertain times. Here we turn to the best books to understand our world, nation by nation.


The Sharp Horn of Africa: Best Books on Somalia

Somalia is home to a complex history and a richly storied people. Here are the best books to understand Somalia and its population.


Swashbucklers and Scallywags: The Biography of Buccaneers

We’ve got a love affair with pirates, but how well do we really know what a buccaneer is? We look to these glorified, rum-swilling antiheroes of the past for answers.


A Man of Good Hope: Searching for Home in the Wake of Somali Warfare

A Man of Good Hope is an invitation to visit Asad Abdullahi's world, wrecked by tribalism and always in motion. This rogue world will likely be alien to readers, but you will be enthralled by its unfamiliar trajectory.